Innovative ideas from an inspired environment
Innovative ideas       from an inspired environment

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  • MT is awarded by World's FIRST tunable U / VHF combiner for Europe's largest aircraft carrier of Royal Navy (Queen Elizabeth and Prince of Wales)
  • MT Delivered with success combiners up to 8 Channels into 1 Antenna
  • MT designed TETRA DUPLEXER with WORLD'S SMALLEST HEIGHT maintaining very high RF power handling with -93 dBm IMD3@2X50W TETRA carriers (PATENT PENDING)
  • MT have recently moved into the new modern and hi-tech factory site
  • MT have been awarded by the Italian Chamber of Commerce of Milan (Italy) as n.1 company for Innovation with following motivation: “First award for continuos strong growth and technical innovation of the Company keeping attention to young male and female employees, which created a state-of-the-art Company FIRST for Innovation and international competitivness”

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