Innovative ideas from an inspired environment
Innovative ideas       from an inspired environment


We are ISO 9001:2015 approved by DASA-RAGISTER

(Accredited by ACCREDIA: 052A).

All our internal design, manufactoring and testing procedures are fully compliant with all the above with recorder measurements for 100% of the units produced.

We are internally equipped to perform RF tests:
- RF standard tests using HP8753ES, Rohde-Schwarz Vector Analyzer, and other equivalent
- High-Power test for VHF / UHF tests up to 5KW
- Intermodulation test set-up for all bands
- Temperature and humidity tests

For specific projects we undertake severe qualification programs including:
- Shock and Vibration
- Salt spray and Humidity
- Conducted and Radiated emissions
- Acceleration and Bump

For the above we can also cooperate with the most qualified external laboratories
such as: IMQ, CSELT, Polytechnic of Milan, and so on.

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